Princess Handle With Care

Made in Italy

Handcrafted Limited Edition Women’s Knitwear and Clothing


Made in Italy Fashion Brand


Princess Handle With Care  is an Italian brand of ethical fashion, which produces exclusive women’s clothing collections only in limited edition.

Handcrafted and Tailored Collections 100% made in Italy. We are an Ethical clothes brand our items are made using the best eco friendly yarns and fabrics. We make High quality fashion collections with a great Attention to details , following the slow times that handicrafts needs



The Online Shop is closed, You can buy our collection

in Rome at Re Mishelle Boutique: Via Appia nuova 421

Behind every Made in Italy Handcrafted collection there is a story, a story made of imagination, Italian savoir faire, of hard manual work, of sharing ideas and thoughts between the designer and artisans. Passion joins competence to give you always highest quality clothing.




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