Laura Azzariti Freelance Fashion Designer - Stilista - Princess Handle With Care


Laura Azzariti – Freelance Fashion Designer

Founder & owner of Princess Handle With Care, Rome, Italy


After a diploma in art school, a degree in contemporary art history (Literature & Philosophy) at the University of Rome. She has been working in fashion in Paris, but after a few years she decided to come back in Italy and create her own fashion brand calling it “Princess Handle With Care”. Artist, photographer, passionate for new media, nature lover, she carries on a battle to save the made in italy and for an ethical fashion that respects  environment, animals and people.



Princess Handle With Care, is  a message dedicated to women and to the respect due to them.

The Manifesto of Princess Handle With Care



“Princess Handle With Care is not just a fashion label. Beyond my passion and the immense work that I do creating models,  following it there is a strong message: A Princess is not a spoilt or maintained person but an independent and strong woman, who also works all day, yet with a sweet, feminine manner and believes in values and love.

An expectation of respect from men, because as far as being an independent woman, this does not mean that any man is allowed to use physical or psychological violence, because she dreams for and wants a man to protect her, that loves her and treats her as she deserves. Being a princess means to be a REAL woman, due to this reason, I do not use models that are anorexic, fake, plastic, retouched in Photoshop to enhance, but beautiful and true girls, true in form, real souls and real smiles. There are too many pictures within the world of fashion girls offering sad, skinny, lifeless models.

As a woman, I feel responsible for the female universe, I do not want for this to be mocked with fake models, artifacts, nor incited anorexia…. more than a simple vision of fashion. In a world where almost everything is fiction, where they are offered fake ideals, I shout NO to this! I care about the quality of my products but most of all the psychological well-being of those who buy them, who never have to compete with something unattainable, and I carry a vision of the world totally different from what is proposed to us every single day and I’m proud.

I fight for Made in Italy, in a country deeply in crisis, many companies have preferred going abroad to make easy money , but however, they still continue in charging high amounts for very cheap garments and moreover of poor quality. My prices are possibly higher, because to me it is everything, even the single fabric produced here by ourselves, everything is guaranteed by the Italian quality and meticulously checked by me. I hope to continue to produce in my country despite the many problems and no aid at all from Italian government.

Whoever follows me, who knows me, who buys my creations, knows all this and for that they appreciate me. This is an essential message which is strictly linked to my brand, I do not want the Princess Handle With Care to be one of the many faked brands, I wouldn’t rather do this job, because not everyone who works in fashion is an empty person”.

Laura Azzariti