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Made in Italy Handcrafted Fashion Collection

The Brand for chic Princesses


My collections are born from my deepest love for handcrafted Italian fashion and from the passion I have for women and nature. My clothes are patiently created with long artisanal time, either handmade or by tailoring, and with attention to every detail. It is exactly in that close attention to detail and finishing that Made in Italy items become alive and are characterized as such. Limited edition or single copy personalized on request, like in the past, when the manufactured clothes were well-treated, unique and not-serialized. Fashion Collections dedicated to classy women who love using high-quality clothes, which make them feel as they really are: unique and special. This is what I believe in and what I do; the ones who fall in love with Princess know exactly the value of the brand’s products. By choosing and by using my collections, you’ll fall in love with Princess Handle with Care, and you’ll feel like Princesses and women who only deserve high-quality.

Laura Azzariti

Tfashion Made in Italy

High Italian quality – Limited Editions – Ethical Fashion – Respect for Nature and Women


How to Identify Authentic Made in italy Fashion


Unioncamere releases the TFashion certification. It consists in a tracing code which you can follow the history of the products. This Code is released to a small number of companies that produce authentic Made in Italy. Princess Handle With Care are proud to tell you that it’s part this list. Every garment has its own history and T-Fashion tells you about

We are an ethical fashion brand

We are against waste, against fast fashion, for a fashion that respects nature, the environment and craftsmanship. Have you ever thought how many tons of clothes are thrown in the trash every year? Dresses often made with polyester yarns or fabrics, that is plastic and it’s not biodegradable? We Love nature so we think about it everytime we create a fashion collection.

What we are done not to increase this senseless waste? We chosen to do limited edition items, clothing that is sold on the online shop in small quantities and not in large distribution. We chosen to invest in quality rather than in advertising, to always give you very high quality collection but at an affordable price.
Collections made with natural yarns and fabrics. Our handmade knit Knitwear are never thrown away, but transformed to give life to new, unique, special products that will dress you in a different way from all and not as clones.

Watch the making of our collection!

Made with love the best Fabrics and yarns. Attention to details makes the difference between MADE IN ITALY high-quality Clothing and Knitwear and low cost.  Our production opposes to fast fashion following the slow times that handicrafts needs. Take a look at our videos, to see the way we make your items.


We are against fast fashion , against cheap fashion, we want to protect our environment, we care about your health, so we join FASHION REVOLUTION.

We work only with Artisans and Seamstresses.

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We are not afraid to show you who works for Princess Handle With Care.


♥ It’s real handcrafted luxury Made in Italy high quality

♥ We care about environment and we respect who works for Princess

♥ Because we create limited edition items that we can also customize together

And if you still have doubts buy our items on our online shop and if you are not satisfied we will refund you! But it never happens, because whoever chooses Princess Handle With Care falls in love