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Fashion ethical transparency – Fashion revolution

Fashion ethical transparency – Fashion revolution

fashion revolution princess handle with care
FASHION ETHICAL TRANSPARENCY – From 23th to 30th  April 2017 is the FASHION REVOLUTION week

Fashion Revolution was created in 2013 in response to the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh when 1133 people died and over 2500 were injured.  They were all working and sewing for fast fashion company, in abominable conditions, low cost garments.


The few, small, companies that still making Made in Italy, like Princess Handle With Care, are fighting every days to give you ethical products, worked and created by Italians craftsmen and seamstresses, with not toxic and eco friendly fabrics and yarns.


This definitely has a higher price, but do you belive that the life of people or childs could be sacrificed for your fashion style? I don’t think so.

Buy LESS but BUY GOOD , for yourself, for your health, for the planet, to say ” stop with slavery in fashion”. Ask the brand through social #whomademyclothes? We joined this movement and we shows you, without fear, who made your clothes: she’s  Romina one of our seamstresses