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Hippie wedding with broderie anglaise dress

Hippie wedding with broderie anglaise dress

abito sangallo per il matrimonio

Our “Sweet” Dress for an Hippie Wedding on Cosmopolitan. What a Princess will choose for her special wedding day? Which style? Which dress?

She love Romance, nature, to wear simple but sophisticated clothing. So why not  choose an Hippie Wedding and be a bohémien bride Say “I do” at sunset, or in the Woods, wearing sandals or barefoot, just few people and the love of her life.

Our lovely “sweet” maxi dress is the perfect choice!  Handmade top ,broderie anglaise long skirt embroidered with beautiful flowers that invoke the power of nature. Cotton skirt and top, eco-friendly, to get better in touch with mother Earth – Limited Edition Dress. Hippie Style is, as well as a way of dressing, a way of being; so make up  for your hairstyle a simple crown of flowers that Princess Handle With Care can make for you.