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Bamboo hippie maxi dress perfect for Coachella

Bamboo hippie maxi dress perfect for Coachella

coachella abiti princess handle with care
In a few days the most loved Hollywood stars Festival will begin. Why do we love it so much? Because it’s artistic in so many ways: music, performances and art installations, it is the event for the new fashion trends, and it’s so Hippie Style! Coachella It is now considered as a moder Woodstock. 

What to wear to Coachella ? we choosed the Hippie Poncho, The lace dress with flowers Megghy and most of all, so perfect for the event the “Rainbow” dress.


Maxi summer dress in eco cotton and bamboo jersey, because like the people california we care a lot about the environment; handmade striped top, empire waist , with pom pom flowers; long skirt longer in the back for an elegant effect as a real Hollywood star.


This year the festival will take place on 14 and 16 June and the 21/23  If you can’t go, wear our dress with “some flowers in your hair” !!