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Spring Summer 2018 fashion Trends : Hippie Style

Spring Summer 2018 fashion Trends : Hippie Style

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It’s some years that the Hippie style is back in fashion. I have always chosen it beyond season or trends, because, I love it deeply like a style that i feel close to my way to be. When I was a child I used to kissed and caressed the flowers, often I sat next to the pots plants to tell them a tale! Hippie mood, Boho Chic, for me is something aesthetic that joins the philosophical: it means freedom. Freedom in forms, romantic bucolic fancy and feminine

Mine is a summer luxury Hippie chic: Ecologic fabrics and yarns meet sophisticated design. Eco friendly pure cotton yarns and fabrics, embroidered viscose marry big bows and crocheted top covered with flowers, a ‘ 70s Côte d’azur dream. Time for new air, not only in a seasonal way, a feminine awakening, that says no to the chaos and trash around us, yes to elegance. Lovely bohémien Muse who runs in the meadows or walks at sunset on the beach surrounded by the magic of Romanticism.

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