Ethical fashion, Chic, Handmade, Made in Italy

Ethical fashion, Chic, Handmade, Made in Italy

Ethical fashion, Chic, Handmade, Made in Italy.

Princess Handle With Care’s main points


Ethical: Today, especially through social, we can have information about fashion’s production. Many brands, especially in “fast fashion”, are now sadly known for having no respect of their workers. From the ridiculous remuneration that skims slavery, to the absence of hygienic/sanitary standards and safety of the locals where they have to work. Human exploitation and also the important contribution of these brands to environmental degradation. One month ago comes the news that a famous fast fashion brand burn every year 12 tons of unsold clothes, with environmental consequences that you can imagine. Princess Handle With Care chooses to buy eco friendly fabrics and yarns from Italian companies. We produce only limited or one of a kind clothes and the unsold is often transformed into new garments. We work only with artisans and tailors respecting their work. For us, ethics is the basis on which our brand are born.


Chic: Stop with Trash fashion please! Be sensual but stay classy! Choose garments that exalt your femininity and never turn your being sexy into be vulgar. Today we can find Trash everywhere: on TV, on social, on some Fashion brand that are making ridiculous and grotesque clothing. Princesses’s Brand wants you classy and full of grace and does not admit any other kind of fashion.



Handmade & Made in Italy : Handmade details and knit sweaters, sewn and finished garments without machines, fully-fashioned knitwear: This is the Princess universe. A journey through nature, first source of inspiration and the Boho Chic 70s style. High quality Handcrafted products, ancient techniques passed from generation to generation. This is what a society based on conspicuous consumption wants to make disappear and that we instead want to protect, as a valuable patrimony of our country. Buy less and buy better, as we did once! And at Christmas choose handcrafted products!