Ethical Fashion and Made in Italy Fashion Brands

Made in Italy, is it ethical? The true one yes, but many fashion brands say they make Made in Italy when lot of them sewing only the “Made in Italy “ label on the items but the clothing are made abroad.

Those who has chosen not to leave the road of the Italian’s fashion traditions, took the hard decision not to disown our manufacturing history in exchange of easy profit, to live a life of sacrifices because they believe that fashion is not only an “object” but a philosophy linked to our history

We are living in the era of appearance where marketing is everything and low cost products are imposed everywhere with a “glam” aura. So just imagine, where company can cut costs in order to afford the high costs of advertising and not to lose visibility, if not breaking down the costs of the products itself?

Ethical fashion is not only about “eco friendly fabric” that however is an important value and a high cost (cheap fabrics and yarns have bad consequences on your health and environment) ethics is also the respect of the workers

One thing is to work together with artisans and tailors in their laboratories, another thing is to make slaves underpaid people in the “name of fashion”, people who live and work in deplorable conditions for sewing low cost garments

Toxic clothes, bad for environment and for your health, lack of human rules, are a good price to pay for having low quality fashion and to enrich unscrupulous entrepreneurs? I say no!

Now you’re going to tell me that there are a lot of economic problems in these years, and not everyone can afford the cost of a true made in Italy fashion. Agree!

But think about this: why accumulate garbage clothing when often they are worn twice before they are put in the garbage ?  because you know for sure that cheap garments don’t have a long life. How much of your money are wasting to buy low cost things when instead high quality garments last for years?

You can also balance the two things to prevent the planet from becoming an open-air landfill.

They want to convince you that we must live in the disposable era, for the environment, for the “new slaves” of the fashion industry, for yourselves, say “I’ve had enough”

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