Fashion revolution

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Fashion revolution

Fashion Revolution Day exists to create awareness not only for a more ethic future for the fashion industry, but also to esteem people and the environment.

Wear a reversed dress, take a picture of you and post it on Twitter or Facebook with #whomademyclothes?

This hashtags honors the fashion industry. There isn’t only beauty and glamour behind fashion, but also a world with illegality and exploitations. Princess Handle with Care supports the Fashion Revolution because it’s fundamental for a brand to respect the environment, women, the weak, and who doesn’t have rights or freedom.

It’s a fight for an ethic fashion world against the cheap fast fashion with the use of slaves. This people employ toxic and pollutant materials, creating cheap and dangerous products only for personal gain. Don’t support it and join our battle: wear a reversed dress and post it on social networks asking #whomademyclothes? Princess Handle with Care respects who makes our brand.


Watch the VIDEO “how Princess Handle with Care dresses are created!”


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