New Spring Summer Collection 2018

New Spring Summer Collection 2018

Collezione Primavera Estate 2018

New Spring Summer Collection 2018 , between Botticelli and Brigitte Bardot



For this new spring summer collection I chose to create a collection that could be an homage to a painter that I deeply love, philosophically and artistically: Botticelli. A collection that can be a good omen for an awakening, not only of the spring season, but also for the feminine universe. A new spiritual and personal awakening and affirmation in a more serene climate, far from the chaos of these years.  In neoplatonism Renaissance philosophy  the “beautiful” the “aesthetic dimension of beauty” were a means to overcome the earthly dimension and to be able to elevate themselves spiritually. There is a need for thoughtlessness, of a new life cycle, of peace in a gloomy historical moment like ours.


Nature, as always in the Princess Handle With Care collections, becomes even more a source of inspiration and beauty in this ss ’18. We can try to transform ourselves into romantic muses wearing summer dresses and crocheted tops covered with flowers, let of our most real and feminine dimension escaping the chaos that surrounds us.  Ruffle sleeves of cotton shirts, remind us the blowing of the first spring winds coming from the west,  first breezes announce us that a change is on the way. The Zephyr wind that after he succeeds in reaching Chloris transforms into Flora, goddess of spring, like on the famous painting of Botticelli.



Chloris, Flora, Spring, Talia  nymphs lend their names to our long dresses in Boho Chic style, with handmade top covered of applied flowers and leaves and combined with floreal embroidered long flounced skirt, broderie angleaise and vichy cotton fabrics. A union between a romantic summer dream and bohémien freedom.

Bows, striped and gingham check fabrics, come together for a return to a childish innocence, like a new Brigitte Bardot on the Côte d’azur. Our beloved bikinis, lace vests and crop tops, all is feminine and chic for a unique princess, like you!