Noemi choose Princess Handle With Care

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Noemi choose Princess Handle With Care


Make every woman a real “princess.” This is the dream of th fashion designer Laura Azzariti with the brand PRINCESS HANDLE WITH CARE.

Tools to achieve the goal: elegance, quality materials and craftsmanship 100% Made in Italy. The brand’s have conquered some of the women of the Italian show biz. After the collaboration with Catherine Bailivo and Tessa Gelisio, PRINCESS HANDLE WITH CARE has been choosen by the italian singer Naomi.

The young singer has chosen the  BUTTERFLY COLLECTION for the Made in London tour: a series of concerts that will visit different parts of Italy.The dress is silk georgette gray smoke, the legs are highlighted by the play of transparency of the long skirt; the neckline and waist are accented by deep neckline and a belt in satin black.

Excellent choice for Naomi, which focuses on a romantic outfit in contrast with his voice rough and deep.