Say No to violence, yes to respect: You Are a Princess

Say No to violence, yes to respect: You Are a Princess

laura azzariti princess handle with care no alla violenza sulle donne

With this “fighting spirit” years ago I created Princess Handle With Care. Before I even decided what I would create and how,  I wanted a brand with a strong message to carry forward, a message that a woman must choose with my clothing. A message not as a “marketing” choice,  but something to help her to scream out loud to the world “Hey you! I’m special and unique like a princess and if you don’t understand that , i’m sorry for you”


I wanted to create a brand for romantic and strong women that fight every day, with strength against everything and everyone to realize their dreams, without leaving anyone the right to destroy them.  A brand for a woman who does not bend to violence, neither physical nor moral. For Women who do not accept that things go “in a certain way”, because a macho society has decided like that, or for fear of staying alone.  My Heroine who always she choose to go beyond her fears, to fully realize herself and never lose her self-respect.


It was 2009 when I chose this name, today rebelling is thankfully making a comeback. Say no to the sexists: from the “Weinstein” to the most common men who offend, who do not understand what a woman is and the immensity that lurks within her heart.


If you want to know more about what’s behind the princess handle carefully read the article by Claudia Giordano.