The pure wool plaid skirt

The pure wool plaid skirt

gonna scozzese lunga invernale pura lana princess handle with care

Back in the cold season, one of the classic clothes you should have in your closet is a plaid skirt. For most of us, plaid skirt reminds moments of childhood, but this noble fabric is much more than this, because of its ancient historical traditions.
In Scotland, it’s possible to find the first traces of this fabric from the third century BC. It was used to distinguish the various clans of the Highlands population. The different fantasies, the color schemes of the squares and the lines characterize the different families.

You can have fun seeing all the differences fancy related to each family looking online for  “The Scottish Clans and their Tartans”

I’ve always loved to wear plaid skirt in winter, I don’t remember it tied to a certain age, I love the fabric warmth and the many different color combinations. I’ve always found it very chic and refined.

The plaid skirt Princess Handle With Care is tailor-made and you can find it in two fantasies: one with the green and blue squares and the other one on cream and plum tones. It’s on pure wool made, asymmetrical and longer on the back.


gonna scozzese in lana blu e verde


gonna scozzese in lana lunga