the turtleneck dress on Gioia magazine and A Brief History of Knitwear

the turtleneck dress on Gioia magazine and A Brief History of Knitwear

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Find out what’s in the latest issue of Gioia magazine this week with Princess Handle With Care’s Made in Italy Knitwear

I would like to tell you a little about the history of this ancient technique. We can find traces of ancient knitwear in the first centuries after Christ, in the Mediterranean’s area. Were the Arabs to spread the technique of knitwear in the Middle Ages and Britain became the place where this technique had the greatest development.

In ‘600 William Lee invented weaving loom, with which they began to produce socks, especially silk socks and it started to spreading and developing. Jacquard invented a type of weaving loom that has the ability to perform complex designs with colors. Whose name is still used today to indicate this kind of knitting pattern and the machines to realize them.

Towards the 1800 the technology advanced, get evolved so we can have the frist Flat knitting machines for “fully-fashioned knitwear”. Are flat knitting machines that produce custom pre-shaped pieces of a knitted garment. Instead of knitting a whole rectangular sheet of fabric, like in “cut and sew knits” , more cheap and less precious.

The knitwear evolution in fashion started with created items only to keep the head, hands or feets warm, then the whole body also with rompers to put under the garments. Thanks to the sport, the knitwear had a great development and took a starring role in fashion as comfortable garments that allowed freedom of movement.

Coco Chanel was the first fashion designer to propose casual garments in Jersey, one time relegated to the underwear. After the Second World War knitwear was established in Italy, especially in the areas of Carpi and Romagna, spreading slowly in other areas, and step by step arriving at the top of Italian and luxury fashion, making Italy the world’s leader knitwear exporter.

High quality Made in Italy Knitwear, like ours , are precius “fully-fashioned knitwear” , like the turtleneck blue and bordeux wool dress with ruffle skirt that you can find on Gioia magazine this week.

Particular and stylish dress with an “extra neck”: turtleneck can be opened and transforms into a refined collar with handmade crochet trim. The dress has crochetted details and finishes: on the neck, shoulders, and over the skirt. You find it in the brown and pink striped colors or black and grey plain colors on our Shop.